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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  July 18, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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it's where we've been the past through days. humidity, 61%. southwest winds at 6 miles per hour. on the radar loop, not too much going on. everything is falling apart to the west. i think anybody sees the storm it will be the shenandoah valley. that's our number here. 84 at la plata. 94 is the target. my seven-day forecast is just a few minutes away. see you in a little bit. >> thanks, kim. now to the latest in the gulf oil disaster. still no new oil flowing that we know about. but officials want to keep their testing going until later today. they're trying to make sure the cap will hold and that there aren't any new leaks opening up in the sea floor. kristen dahlgren the very latest from venice, louisiana.
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>> reporter: for more than 48 hours now, this has been the scene at the bottom of the gulf. no oil leaking out of the ruptured well. but bp and government officials will now wait one more day before stopping the test. >> we haven't made final conclusions yet. i want to keep stressing that. but at this point there's no evidence that we don't have integrity. >> after the testing is complete, crews will help pipe from the cap to the ship on the surface. that means crews will be released into the water to relieve pressure. from the air it doesn't take long to see there is a tremendous amount of oil already there. on gulf beaches, this was just another day of cleanup. a reminder thaech a fix can't bring a quick ending. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, venice, louisiana.
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officials say once the test is done they will immediately return to containment. siphoning most if not all of the oil to the surface. they warn that will mean oil will flow into the gulf for a short while. new today, a search for a gunman who killed a man in montgomery county. the victim was hit around 10:45 last night at the lake forest transit center. behind lake forest mall. the victim was 23 years old. police haven't released a suspect description or motive behind the shooting. a traffic alert now for your monday morning community. d.c. can be a headache at times. ddot will begin different parking systems throughout the district. more with the latest details. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning,
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kimberly. we are down by the navy yard, national stadium, that general area. we have all gotten used to not having to fish for coins thanks to these meters that will take credit cards as well as coins seeking solar power. coming in the next coming few days or so, d.c. will try some ways to make it even easier to park. starting tomorrow, according to ddot, they will begin several deposit programs using a variety of vendors, finding new ways to park and pay at the curb. most novel among them, a pay by website. you can pay via smartphone. another system will be tested tomorrow in the 1300 block of u street that will allow motorists to enter their license plates in the multispace meters. officers will come by and electronically scan the tags to see who is paid up. these pilots will be evaluated over the next three months or so to see which ones look best.
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starting tomorrow as well in ward 5 we have to have residential parking permits, d.c. will begin mailing one visitor's pass to each eligible household. they will be good up to a year. they will allow your guests to park for more than two hours in the residential area. they're already doing this in ward 3 and actually going to start in ward 4 in the coming weeks. this will make it a lot easier than having to go to your local police station every time somebody shows up. they want your feedback on this. e-mail them at ddot at or call 202-673-6813 with your feedback if you come across any of these new ways to pay, give your feedback on how you feel about it. >> before you go, a smartphone, though not just a regular cell phone or blackberry? >> reporter: blackberry qualifies as a smartphone. not the way i use it sometimes.
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it all depends. i don't think it will be the regular -- anything where you can download an application. so your palm or your smartphone, iphone. and of course we know there's some issues there as well. stay tuned. >> okay. appreciate that clarification. thanks, derrick. >> reporter: no problem. another traffic alert. the ramp from the dulles connector road to 495 is closed. ddot crews are doing road work right now. follow the detour to exit 46b. that's cambridge road. stay to the right for 495 north. the ramp will reopen at 11:00 this morning. meanwhile, expect overnight delays near woodrow wilson bridge. starting don't, crews will close ramps and lanes on the inner loop. eisenhower connector and telegraph road. all closures should wrap up before the morning rush. it's 9:05 right now. paris hilton in trouble again. why the heiress was detain
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actress zsa zsa gabor is in the hospital after falling out of bed and breaking several bones. her publicist says the actress was watching tv when she reached for the phone and fell. her husband, rather, told the associated press she did break her hip. the 93-year-old actress is partially paralyzed from a 2002 car accident which forced her to use a wheelchair. she also suffered a stroke back in 2005. for the second time in a month, paris hilton has been detained on suspicion of drug possession. she was detained on the french
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island of corsica. authorities found a gram of marijuana in her purse. hilton was released and not charged. earlier this month she was detained on smoking pot at the world cup. those charges were dropped. paris tweeted yesterday that she was not arrested. she wrote, quote, i'm having the best vacation of my life. >> do you think she's really in trouble or looking up to stir up a little controversy? all right. let's check in with kim with our weekend weather. >> the weather forecast is looking steam j. it continues through the weekend and right into next week. we might be on track to break an all-time july record for hottest july. we'll see. we'll give you all the weather details coming up next. [ male announcer ] progress.
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welcome back. 9:13 now on this sunday morning.
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83 degrees. >> yeah. >> already. already. shelter today. >> get yourself a nice tall glass of lemonade and get ready to cool off with that. that's going to be your best luck. headed to the pool, the beach or country club if you're so luck y. take a look around. the temps, yeah, with the haze and the bright sunshine outside, there's going to be no slowing down as we look at jefferson. it is say nice morning if you don't mind a little heat on you. 83, everybody. and here we go again. we'll have 90s for seven more days. hot 90s all week in my weather forecast. and on target to maybe be the hottest july. yeah. right now if july were to end today we are in the fifth hottest. storms in the mountains today at best. not here. and here they are on the radar, by the way. we had a larger cluster this morning but they fell apart in west virginia.
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we might have one or two pop towards winchester and shenandoah valley. our numbers speak to the trend we're on. 81 in leonardtown. looking to the west, culpepper, good morning. you're at 82. high temperature today up waurts warrenton, 95. we'll be around 94, rain free, inside the beltway. these are just isolated chances for thunderstorms off to the west and towards fredericksburg and st. mary city with a high of 93. a lot of people heading to the beach or watching the beach. 92 for rehoboth. uv index 9. ocean city's temperature today around 90. water temperature a little warmer, 77. bethany beach, the high today 92. so a great beach day. and no rain really likely there. here's a cool event going on tomorrow. the 14th annual renewal and remembrance project is going on at arlington national cemetery.
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a whole bunch of people get together and donate time and resources to renew the cemetery. it's a wonderful event. late day storms chasing you out. high 90 to 95. we have a pocket of slightly more stable air on top of us. and that's what is protecting us from the thunderstorm activity. as you watch the front, though, they're not going to be moving here until about tomorrow afternoon and into tuesday and wednesday. that would be our next chance for thunderstorms. but beyond that, the same old, same old, everyone. partly cloudy. a few storms west or south. 91 to 95. this evening will be partly cloudy and humid. we'll ease back into the upper 80s. by tomorrow morning, our low temperature will be in the upper 70s. so kind of steamy. we've been there, we've done th that. let's see when the storms will fire. 50% chance on monday, 94. 30% chance on tuesday, 93. and a 40% chance on wednesday. after that, the heat gets
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cranked up and we turn off the chances for rain a little bit. the high on friday would be as high as 97 or 98. into next weekend, still the 90s hanging tough. so we get all these 90s. in june, we have 11 days of 90s in a row. this might be 11 or 12 when we add them all up. >> do we know if it's a record? not that it matters. >> i'll do more research. i'll get on it. a free trip to a family-friendly destination and a summer read for sports fans. here's kids post. >> reporter: this week on kids post on tv, a book for you, the national zoo and free news. joining us once again is tracy grand of "washington post" kids post. thanks for joining us. nice to see you as always. >> always a pleasure to be here. >> we start with a book about the boys of summer. >> the featured book of the week is the bat boy by mike lupika. famous sports writer who has done a good job of turning his
9:18 am
knowledge of sports into very readable books for kids. this is perfect for ages 10 and up. it's a story of a kid who gets his dream job as a bat boy and realizes it may not be as perfect as he had hoped and how he comes to deal with that and accept people. very nice story. >> no one is perfect. >> no one is perfect. >> take a walk on the wild side with the national zoo. i love the national zoo. >> i bet you don't know this but this is national zookeeper week. >> i did not know that. >> in honor of that and tuesday's kids post we introduce kids to kenton kearns, zookeeper at the small mammal house. he is holding in his hand a tenrec, tiny madagascar animal, looks like a porcupine to me. and we talk about what it takes to become a zookeeper. >> and a free trip to a museum.
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>> this is a wonderful place. slightly older kids, ages 8 and up. and they have a wonderful deal through the end of summer. one paying adult can bring up to ten kids in free. and it's really a wonderful opportunity to get kids in touch with the social responsibility of it. something you and i care intensely about. something we can really encourage. it's nice the museum is making this available. >> very accessible. very hands-on museum. very nice. again, probably ages 8 and up. >> all right. tracy grant, thanks so much for joining us. for fun, family activities visit it looks like tiger woods won't win the open. >> here's lindsay czarniak with this morning's sports.
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]>> reporter: they just couldn't turn it into anything on the scoreboard. they went 0 for 9 with runners in scoring position and stranded ten. we're down in miami. a nest of bees all over a chair watt sunlight stadium. don't worry, it's not a big crowd. in actuality the folks from al bee there were there to take care of the mess. hernandez has been buzzing on the mound for the nats. pitch to go dan uggla. desmond and kennedy with the coverage. oh, no. desmond drops it. nationals lead the majors in errors. this one would be very, very costly. still in the inning, four batters later, in fact, bases load for paulino.
9:21 am
a little shot to second. kennedy can't get it. goes into center. uggla scores. here comes jorge cantu. marlins take a 2-0 lead. kennedy at second base with two outs. josh johnson working to ian desmond. ian hits one to second. dan bobbles it. pat telling him to hold up. kennedy doesn't see it. nationals lose, 2-0. adam kennedy has some explaining to do. telling him to hold up. >> yeah. after i looked at uggla i was on line. hopefully he makes a bad throw or something. pretty much dead at that point. >> you never saw him put the stop sign up, i guess? >> obviously. >> yeah. >> adam kennedy not too happy with his performance against the marlins. moving now to golf and the british open. tiger woods having a shot to win
9:22 am
the british open now having started today with 12 strokes back. less likely than lebron james deciding if he wants to go back to cleveland. if a miracle occurred, woods and the rest of the field will have to get past louis oosthuizen, the 27-year-old. leading by four shots into the final round. let's go to st. andrews. we start with tiger woods getting advice from caddy stevie williams. second hole from 59 feet away. this looks like vintage tiger woods. perfect speed. tracking right towards the hole. but, oh, you're not going to believe it. he's robbed. lifts out. man, tiger can't belive it. such a great shot. settled for par. changed his putter but it didn't help him on 13. short par five here. misses it. tiger cannot miss shots like that if he's going to contend. not happy at all. 3 over for the tournament. 12 shots behind the leader. the shot of the day on 13 from
9:23 am
henrik stenson. you have to see this. phenomenal round. second shot on the par four. watch very, very closely. the ball actually gets lodged in the hole. can you believe that? it's in for eagle. stenson has no idea. he doesn't know what happened. he playfully throws his club. he finds out, oh, just kidding, it went in. stenson shoots five under today. he is seven under for the tournament. louis oosthuizen putting for birdie on 16 from 55 feet away, and he snakes it. he's all smiles. he leads at 15 under with a four-shot lead over paul casey. to nba summer league. john wall and mcgee were sitting on a bench resting after stellar performances friday night. what they watched was a nail-biter between the wizards and the knicks. this went to overtime. john wall on the bench averaged 23.5 points, seven points, eight assists during his summer league tour. wizards were all right without him, though.
9:24 am
first quarter in white, kevin palmer drives with a two-handed dunk. that is a thing of beauty right there. third quarter, wizards were playing stifling defense. wizards create the turnover. cartier martin gets the steal. pushes ahead to palmer. throws it down. john wall loves that. but he went like this. game moves to overtime. wizards down two. two seconds to play. inbound to trevor from half-court for the win. huh-uh. missed it. wizards lose, 109-107 in overtime. they finish with a 4-1 record in summer league play. overseas you have to the british open this weekend. you have nbc's celebrity golf tournament at lake tahoe. one redskins legend enjoying the thrill of competition but this time on the green. celebrity golf tournament at lake tahoe. check this out. packers quarterback aaron rodgers throwing a pass to a guy on a boat. the guy makes the catch. but then, whoops, topples over. a little bit too much sun maybe. former redskins quarterback joe
9:25 am
theismann putting for eagle on 18. just off the green. just like joe planned it. right into the cup. talk about a talented golfer. he is celebrating like he's back on the football field. you can see the final round of nbc celebrity golf tournament right here on nbc 4 this afternoon beginning at 3:00. that's your sports on this sunday morning. i'm lindsay czarniak. have a great day. all right. time now is 9:25. vice president joe biden faces a big fine. find out why his presidential campaign has to pay a $200,000 penalty. plus, did your favorite restaurant make the grade? how you can check out what health food inspectors have to i'm done with all these lists. and driving all over town.
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working overtime. scientists decide they need 24 more hours to figure out what's
9:29 am
going on in the gulf. right now the oil is being held back, but it's still unclear whether the cap will hold. good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm kimberly suiters. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it is sunday, july 18th, 2010. take a look at our headlines in a second. kim martucci is here now with the details on that. and it's still hot. >> it is. yeah. it's only going to get worse today as the temps head into the 90s and the humidity climbs. but been there, done that, everybody. here's a look around. whew! i'm trying to think what i'll do to stay cool other than hide in the ac. i need creative alternatives. 83 right now. dumd, 68. winds southwest at 6. we have 80s up and down the coast. caribou, 72. boston, new york, here all in the 80s. and as we look locally, whoops, i moved the graphics too fast. let me just tell you, we're in
9:30 am
the 80s. let me tell you about the 90s. 94 by 6:00, everybody. more to come on the seven-day forecast in a bit. >> thanks, kim. now the latest in the gulf oil disaster. today is the third day of testing the capping of the blown-out oil well. it is showing no obvious signs of leaks. here's a live look under water. extra day of testing will allow scientists to see if the pressure in the well will continue to rise. so far pressures have measured below expectations but they have been climbing slowly. >> we haven't made final conclusions yet. i want to keep stressing that. but at this point there is no evidence that we don't have integrity. >> once the testing is complete, crews will hook pipes from the caps to the ships on surface. they will be released into the
9:31 am
water to relieve pressure. new today, the search for a gunman who killed a man in montgomery county. the victim was hit 10:45 last night at the lake forest transit center behind lake forest mall. the victim was 23 years old. police say the shooter approached him, they talked briefly and then the gunman opened fire. police haven't released a suspect description. >> right. a local muslim man detained is now back in the u.s. yahya wehelie was stopped on his way home from virginia. he had been in yemen two years and was place on a no-fly list. it has been lifted without explanation. he told the associated press he harbors no anger towards the government. an arlington man is behind bars after a 16-hour standoff with police.
9:32 am
58-year-old thomas emchy got into an argument with a neighbor 7:00 friday night. he got a rifle and pounded on his neighbor's door. he went back in his house and refused to leave. officers used tear gas to smoke him out. >> we were just concerned about the safety of the officers and of the neighbors. he surrendered just before noon. he's facing several charges, including assault. two men died, four others injured at a state park. it happened in washington state just east of seattle last night. police say a group of people were having a party in the park. they don't know what led to the shooting, though. several people to be arrested with that shooting. new today, secretary of state hillary clinton has arrived in pakistan for a key mission. she's urging pakistani officials
9:33 am
for more co-operation with afghanistan in the fight against al qaeda and taliban extremists. she will also announce plans to beef up u.s. development assistance to pakistan. her visit comes as american law makers and voters are increasingly questioning the course of the war. she will visit afghanistan as part of this asia trip. federal election commission fined vice president biden's 2008 presidential campaign for sloppy bookkeeping. the $219,000 penalty came after an audit found the campaign took a round-trip flight i cooperate jet but didn't pay the full amount. the campaign received $106,000 in donations that were over the limit. biden's campaign was audited because he received taxpayer funds through the financing system. what really happens behind the scenes at your local restaurant? the health department finds out. until now, the records on d.c. eateries were difficult to
9:34 am
access. now there's an easy way to know if your favorite restaurant makes the grade before you sit down to dine. news 4's darcy spencer reports. >> reporter: the next time you go out to eat in the district, you might want to go online first. it has posted inspection reports and notices for the last three years. some of the information is enough to make you lose your appetite. live roach activity in a dishwashing machine. and mice examples are a couple examples of what they found. they support having the information posted but are concerned how it may impact the industry. >> from a consumer standpoint i think it's a good thing. it only takes one bad read to ruin a restaurant. like i said, it doesn't necessarily reflect the restaurant as a whole. >> she manager at dupont circle. >> of course as a business there's always a concern that people will be jaded by one thing they see. obviously no business is perfect. no restaurant is perfect. but i think we want to provide
9:35 am
as healthy an environment as we can. we eat here. our whole staff it's here. we don't want it to be healthy. >> this is available online and other cities such as new york. this new yorker changed her mind about going to a certain restaurant based on its poor health report. >> there was one restaurant, an indian restaurant in new york city. we wanted to try it. there were a couple different reports that new york city had issued. so we said we'll try it another time. so we went to another restaurant. >> reporter: darcy spencer. news 4 today. >> if you want to view restaurant inspection history, you can go to search by zip code, licensee name or restaurant name.
9:36 am
a man accused of helping organize a youth basketball league and maki
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9:39 am
today we want to tell you about a project that wednesday's child helps to find permanent loving homes for children. >> the hope is that seeing a simple photograph might catch your eye and make you think about adopting. barbara harrison has the story. >> reporter: this is tara. her photograph is one of many that hang in the heart gallery. a traveling exhibit of close-ups of children in foster care awaiting adoption. >> it is a phenomena that started in the west and moved entirely across the country. we're not the first and we
9:40 am
certainly aren't the last, but we are one of the most successful. >> the freddie mac foundation saw a gallery as another way of giving waiting children a chance for a forever home. >> this particular outreach has been very successful because we have used wonderful photographers to capture the heart and soul of these kids to light in the photographs. they aren't typical still photographs. >> one of the first volunteer photographs is mary ann. >> they called me knowing i love to photograph children. the sparkle in the eyes in children and hope and love that radiates in every child is amazing to me. >> a lot of the children who i have photographed in foster care have actually never or rarely had their picture taken. one of the things that makes a difference of photographing kids is digital photography. i can say now here's what you look like. they see a picture come to life. suddenly their whole demeanor changes. and you can see a twinkle in their eye.
9:41 am
it's like an immediate change in their sense of self-esteem and sense of self. >> the challenge is to find more venues for the gallery. >> government buildings, corporate lobbies, community centers. anywhere we know there will be a lot of potential adoptive families. >> the foster children photographs have been featured in the heart gallery. over 40 have been adopted. like kim. and when that happens the photographs and the galleries get a special sign, "placed." that means a child has found a place in someone's home and heart forever. barbara harrison, news 4, for wednesday's child. >> it will be on display at the medical center until july 30th. for more information, you can call our adoption hotline at 1-888-2-adoptme. or nbc >> those photos capture what
9:42 am
those children are, beautiful. >> they really tell a story. >> that's special. let's check in with kim. because it's only going to get worse. >> yes, it is. climbing up the ladder of the thermometer. all right. more about the seven-day forecast is coming up. it is 9:42. it says 85 degrees already. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪ virginia governor is in europe this morning trying to drum up new business for the commonwealth. leading a week long marketedest to promote the business climate to tout tourism in virginia products. mcdonald will visit with key european business executives and government leaders. european companies are responsible for 14 billion of the nearly $19 billion in international investments in virginia. a local youth basketball
9:46 am
league is back in the game despite nearly losing everything before it even got off the ground. wade simmons and a friend organized the league to help teach troubled teens important life lessons. after raising $1,000 his friend ran off with all the money. not a lesson he wanted to teach the kids. the community came through. groups donated money, a scoreboard, practice space and even drinks. >> they wanted to get back. but instead of getting back let's give back. let's take this and move forward. not only do we want to win games but we want to teach players about responsibility, diligence, endurance, perseverance, respect. >> the man who took the team's money says he's taking care of a sick relative. he claims he will pay back the money as soon as he can. >> hopefully the kids will keep playing the game and learn life lessons along the way as well.
9:47 am
>> last hour we heard one of the kids saying it's time to move on, not harbor resentment. >> speaking of resent, kim. >> forgive the weather forecaster too and not plame them for the types of weather you might not enjoy. >> i would still take this over three feet of snowshoeing every day. you? >> it reaches the point where i don't mind. a far cry from winter as we move into the 90s, everybody. we're working on a hot high in the middle 90s today. we will continue to see this type of temperature regime as we head through the week. it's a hazy morning. and yesterday, speaking of 90s, we did it. high of 93. now we are 83. and the winds are out of the south. dewpoint is holding in the 60s, which is good. it could be worse. all right. let's talk about the hot weather pattern and where we're headed. specifically on the heels of the record hottest june, we're facing possibly one of our
9:48 am
warmest julys. 1993 so far has the record. average temperature 83.1. if july were to end today, we would be coming in at the fifth hottest. but since we have plenty of time to go and plenty of forecasted highs in the 90s, i'm thinking we have a shot of at least being the hottest july or getting in the top two or three. here's the satellite radar loop. no cooling thunderstorms around our area this morning. instead, we have the sunshine and we have 84 in sterling. 84 in la plata. fredericksbu fredericksburg, 88 degrees. 93 in annapolis. off to the west, winchester, 92. perhaps an isolated late day storm. out on the bay, 91. the water temperature in the chesapeake, 82. west winds, 5 to 10 knots will keep the waves one foot. so no rain in the offing today. it should be west or south of us. isolated in nature. but keep an eye on the funnel
9:49 am
system here. by monday, and there's your timeline, and into tuesday, nearby, and i do think it will stir up showers and thunderstorms. and i&they might last into wednesday, which would be great. to recap, no problems today. if you can just take the heat in moderation and try to stay cool and find the air-conditioning as we reach for highs around 94. ease back from 92 to 87 by 11:00. sunset, 8:31. tomorrow will be muggy again and somewhat hazy outside. temperatures around 76 degrees. all right. we're planning ahead. here's that extended weather forecast. we hope for some rain. we'll probably get it in here tomorrow late into tuesday and wednesday. the best chance for rain will be monday. 50% chance. lows staying in the 70s. then by thursday, we're drying out again. the thermometer will leap friday into saturday, middle and upper 90s as we close out next week. whew! we've been there.
9:50 am
we felt it. we'll do it again. >> thanks, kim. time now is 9:49. up next, a preview of today's political talk. and why president obama is facing criticism for his family vacation. ♪
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stay with nbc 4 for all of your political coverage. >> chris matthews show is up next, followed by meet the press at 10:30. good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00 on the chris matthews show, president obama's slide traces the loss of the center, independent. damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. some liberals blame him for not living up to their hopes. add this irony. republicans seem to have gained a hot hand by obama but they're not coming up with their own proposals. 2012, sarah palin. maybe newt gingrich. mitt romney. many wish they could run jeb bush against obama. is jeb interested? all this today with a great roundtable. here's david gregory. david? >> thanks, chris.
9:55 am
good morning, kimberly and aaron. decision 2010. last week right here the white house press secretary conceded that democrats could, in fact, lose control of the house this fall. well, the debate continues this sunday as the leaders are charged with bringing home victories in the house and the senate. join us for the first joint interview. with us chair of the democratic senatorial campaign committee, chair of the national republican senatorial committee, chair of the democratic congressional campaign, and the national republican congressional committee. it's all coming up this morning on meet the press. >> thank you, david. the first family is headed back to d.c. today after a weekend vacation. >> president obama and his family went to a resort in bar harbor, maine. friday afternoon they biked, hiked and been boating. even the first dog made the trip to maine. conservative critics wonder by the first family went north instead of the hard-hit gulf,
9:56 am
which is something the first lady herself recently encouraged others to do. >> one, two, three, go! >> and they're off! here's something you don't see every day. it's a unicycle race. these racers headed their way through the streets of downtown san francisco yesterday. this is the north american unicycling championship and convention. >> we don't know who won or what they got or if they get anything. >> or how they brake. >> they get off, they get on. that is a mystery. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> monday morning we begin at 4:30 a.m. until then, have a great day, everyone.
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